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2021 EV Charging Infrastructure Survey
umlaut has released it's 2021 USA EV Charging Infrastructure Benchmark results which seeks to evaluate the various fast charging networks against functionality and capability of their digital platforms (website and apps), including pricing transparency and payment options, as well as charging station site experience, which includes not just the functionality and reliability of the charging station itself, but also amenities, environment (lighting, security, ease of finding) and technical support.

For 2021, the Tesla Supercharger network was included, although as they noted, there are some metrics that are difficult to compare apples to applies.

According to the benchmark, ElectrifyAmerica came out on top overall and in the Digital Platform category, while Tesla, not surprisingly, came out ahead in the charging location category.

This was an interesting study and I look forward to seeing how each network responds to and improves upon this year's benchmark.

Here is a link to a Charged article on the study:

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