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Hello and welcome to the site!  My name is Lance Pickup, and I've been driving electric for over 10 years.

I bought my first EV (a Nissan LEAF) in 2011 after waiting for what seemed like ages for Nissan to start delivering to my state.  The EV community was much smaller back then, and quite tight-knit.  Despite the relatively small number of enthusiasts at the time (it didn't seem that small then!) the online community had an arsenal of data and information that was shared amongst forum visitors, even to the point of my being able to track the ship my LEAF was likely on as it made its way across the Pacific, the Panama Canal, and eventually offloaded at port.  Even though none of that information was provided by Nissan, through information sharing, I was able to predict exactly when my car showed up at the dealer (ironically I did not get any official notification from Nissan that my car had arrived until after I had taken delivery!)

From there my wife ended up getting a Nissan LEAF as well, although this one had an issue that even Nissan wasn't able to resolve, so we ended up having them buy out our lease and she switched to a Chevy Volt instead.  Meanwhile my first generation LEAF, which more or less served me well, was beginning to have the expected battery degradation issues, but I did not lose my 4th bar until about 250 miles after the battery warranty expired  Angry.  However, as I was researching the cost of new LEAFs for a fellow forum member, I came across a demo vehicle at my local dealer, and when combined with the US federal tax credit, an additional $7500 incentive from Nissan, and a deep discount from the dealer since it was a demo vehicle (and this was for a 30kWh version, an upgrade over my 24kWh 2012), it was too good a deal to pass up, even though I had a reservation for a Tesla Model 3 (that I honestly didn't expect Elon Musk to be able to deliver until 2019).

Fast forward to 2018 and Elon surprised me by having my Model 3 available "early".  So I sold my relatively new LEAF to my sister and took delivery of my Model 3 which is what I drive today.  Side note:  my 2016 LEAF also had a dud of a battery, which I had expected to be the case, and my sister not only got the battery replaced under warranty, but they put in a 40kWh battery into it.  So she got an incredible deal on that car!

At the end of my wife's Volt lease, she bought a Chevy Bolt, but with the concerns over the Bolt's battery, she was able to have Chevy buy back the Bolt, and while she considered a Model Y as an option, she ended up going with a VW ID.4, which she loves.

While traveling is a lot less frequent during the pandemic, we do take our EVs on trips, some quite long distance.  The Model 3 meets our travel needs as well as any gas car (I've timed our trips both with gas and EV and if anything, the total travel time is better in the EV.  The Tesla is not the limiting factor, it's the passengers.  Because we needed the challenge (and a little extra room) we took the ID.4 on an 1800 mile trip last summer, and while I won't say it was without some compromise (we ran into two issues at Electrify America sites that delayed us from 40 minute stops to about 90 minutes each), we made the trip just fine.

I have been active on the forum,,, and active on Quora answering questions about EVs, charging, environmental issues, and so on.

The motivation for starting this site arose out of the long distance trip in the ID.4 I mentioned above.  While planning the trip there were a few stretches that would be a bit challenging and possibly require an inconvenient diversion, but there were a few charging stations under construction that could have potentially helped.  Unlike the community of Supercharger sleuths on and, about all I had to go on to monitor construction progress was checkins on, which were hit or miss.  So my hope is to provide a community for the non-Tesla community to share information about upcoming (and existing) fastcharger locations in a format more amenable than Plugshare.

I hope that if you've found this site that it is of good use to you, and welcome!

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